5 notes when dating a woman

Dating is an important way to upgrade long term relationship. If you ask what to do when you are dating, it is estimated that many people will answer: eating, shopping, watching movies, yes, most people do this, but this is not the point, the focus today is five notes we will talk about on rich men dating sites.

1, listen carefully

When chatting with girls, be sure to concentrate and listen carefully to what the girl said. If the girl is interested in telling you something, you are distracted and don’t hear the girl, then the girl will be angry with you. And she will think that you do not value her, the next offer may not be so easy. Listening to others is an art and a kind of cultivation. So bring your ear to a date. When you can perfectly understand what the other party wants to express and express your own opinions on these issues, you will find that the date has become so smooth.

2, don't brag to show off

Some boys want to face themselves, to let women worship themselves, always like to brag to show off, talk about how great they are in front of women, how amazing things they have done. Remember, the sixth sense of a woman is always very accurate, whether you are bragging to show off she can judge at the first moment, and she does not say is taking care of your face. Brag to show off in front of a woman is tantamount to digging a grave for yourself, which will make the woman’s affection for you instantly reduces to zero.

3. Avoid cold spots

The sudden cold spot is also a big taboo when dating. To avoid this embarrassment, you need to know the girl's likes and dislikes before the date, carefully prepare several topics that girls like, or at the beginning can lead to topics of interest to girls. The topics that are of interest to girls, in general, are star gossip, constellations, palms, cosmetics, clothing, bags, etc. The topics you prepare are best within this range. Dating with a girl naturally hopes that she likes you. If you want her to like you, you should naturally prepare what she likes. If you talk to her about football, basketball, national military and other topics, it is hopeless.

4, praise her

As the saying goes, "Women are pleasing to others," which woman does not want others to praise themselves. But praise is also skillful. Your compliments must be related to the current topic or her current state. For example, she picks up a piece of rubbish on the ground and throws it into the trash can. You can say, "You are not only beautiful but also careful."

5. proactively paying the bill

It’s basically what every boy will do when they are first dating, and the appointment is not just for eating. It’s also a matter of spending money when shopping or watching movies. Don’t feel bad about your money bag at this time. And a good girl will not let you spend a lot of money. Perhaps you will find a perfect spouse for luxury wedding.