US online dating trends

In the United States, more than one-third of marriages have started in online marriage. American traditional dating sites include Millionaire Match for how to marry a millionaire, eHarmony, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish. With the trend of mobile Internet, the United States has also emerged some new models in recent years. Tinder is too famous, I will not introduce it. I will introduce some other companies with certain representativeness.

Grouper: Open a "three to three" rich dating mode, "one to one" dating is the default mode for traditional online dating sites. However, the first date is often prone to cold spots, and the method of the new appointment use Grouper to position themselves as social clubs, to facilitate offline group meetings for three men and three women. Specifically, the participating users will call two same-sex friends, sign up together, and connect to Facebook information on the internet. The system will automatically match according to interest, age, and friendly relationship. Before the date, the boys and girls had neither seen photos nor contacted each other, that is, the three-on-three "Blind Date". It is worth mentioning that Grouper has partner bars and restaurants in each of the operating cities and charges approximately $25 for each user who attends the appointment. The Grouper mode does not require users to spend time searching for matches and SMS chats, and they can meet new people, so their novel forms are being welcomed by young people.

Coffee Meets Bagel: Especially popular with girls. This model can be especially popular with female users for a reason. It has several key points: First, based on the accurate recommendation of Facebook's second-degree and third-degree friends. When users register, they are required to import data on Facebook. the Coffee Meets Bagel system will first select the recommended objects among the second-degree friends (that means friends of your friends) and three-degree friends and display the number of their friends. In other words, based on the matching of social networks (friends of your friends), the degree of dating and success rate can be improved to some extent. Second, it reduces the number of "hands-on" and improves the quality of "truth". In traditional marriage websites, the best strategy for men is to copy and paste the information to girls, which often causes problems for girls: a large number of letters in the inbox need to be read and filtered, and it is not possible to confirm the sincerity of men. Coffee Meets Bagel adopts the way of “everyday recommendation” to try to solve this problem, the specific practice: every day at 12 noon, the user will receive a "bread bag" (the system recommended for the opposite sex), with photos of the opposite sex, age, height, graduate school, and a brief description. Third, it also adopts the "Tinder" mode, where both parties are interested in communication, and once abandoned, it is irreversible. Fourth, it uses funds as a lever to allow users to be more cautious about each of their actions. Another feature of Coffee Meets Bagel, unlike traditional dating sites, is that users can only see 10 more digits of opposite sex besides the daily “bread bag”.