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Lily and her boyfriend traveled to Disney during the Spring Festival. She sent me a photo. On the photo, the two held hands in front of the castle and smiled. They are known through popular social software. Because of the reason for her major, Lily is surrounded by some cute girls like her. So she is opening a door to her online dating. She has a positive attitude towards this approach. "For a person who does not know at all, I will not look at it with some prejudice, nor will I have a bad attitude towards them. I prefer to take a look forward to it with my heart," she said.

After signed up for an account, Lily has been added as a friend by thousands of people within a week. During that time, Lily was very busy. She chatted until the early morning every day and asked me to help her to consider one boy after another. After thousands of choices, she found her soul mate. It was a multi-ethnic boy who had just worked, with some sparse beards on his lips. He is not handsome, but especially good to Lily, looking at her eyes full of love. Lily was a person without security who wants a longterm relationship. And she had been struggling on the verge of collapse for a long time, has become a cheerful elf.

759 online dating people from the Los Angeles area participated in a study. They filled out a questionnaire to measure the degree of online dating satisfaction. According to this, the researchers found that people have similar satisfaction with online dating and offline dating. 76% of them have a positive attitude towards online dating, and 73% of them willing to recommend online dating to their friends (Finkel et al., 2012).

These data are not accidental. Online dating is a product of the new era, and Finkel and his colleagues have found that it has many advantages and meets people's needs. In terms of access, unlike traditional dating, online dating greatly increases the channels people encounter with their right people. These people who may be encountered on the Internet are impossible for us to encounter in real life. Just like Lily's example, online dating gave her a chance to interact with thousands of boys.

During that time, Lily chatted with her "alternatives" all night, and Lily chose the right persons all the time. For her, this is much easier than face-to-face rejection, which also makes Lily save a lot of trouble. “Although this method is convenient and quick, it is still unfair to those who are not good at the Internet, but who like to use actions to prove themselves in real life,” said Lily. “But for me this method It is the most suitable. I believe the person I selected last time."

Also, research shows that from the perspective of communication, online dating provides people with more flexible and convenient online communication methods. No matter where you are in the world, the way to communicate online is to solve the dating problem for many people who are in different place or busy. This kind of online communication before face-to-face dating can make the two people know each other better. If they feel that another person is not suitable, they can avoid unnecessary dating.

It is not easy to pick the right person in online dating. Lily has selectively met several "top candidates" in the same city, but most of them made her very disappointed. Losing the high wall of the electronic screen, some people did not let Lily feel as easy as online. Therefore, it is also a challenge to find the right person through online dating. After you enter the major social networking platforms and enter basic information, you will generally see users who match your own. This is the result obtained by the network social platform through the "scientific" mathematical algorithm, statistical calculations so that users greatly improve the search efficiency. However, this kind of push has certain drawbacks. After all, the calculation of these data is based on the user's evaluation of self-report, description. Therefore, your self-evaluation, how to look at yourself, whether you understand yourself, etc. will affect whether you can find the right person for you for a luxury wedding through big data analysis.