The rich dating matched by the artificial intelligence

How do you predict the chemical reaction between two people? I think it's hard, but I think we can do it. Husseini said. The dating app seems to be paving the way for rich men looking for marriage. The UK dating app Loveflutter has artificial intelligence that matches people based on their personality characteristics on twitter. The company also plans to use artificial intelligence to guide users through offline meetings after analyzing user chats.

In the coaching arena, Match launched Laura last year. Activated by Google Home, this digital personal assistant provides daily matching, online dating sites tips, and event suggestions. Also, Badoo has a creepy, similar feature that lets you pair your favorite "star face" candidates with facial recognition.

Also, AIMM, a voice dating app launched last year, has 1,000 users in Denver (the company plans to expand its operations across the US in the coming months). An artificial intelligence matchmaker who sounds like Siri will ask you a week's questions before sending you a pairing option. In addition to these suggestions, there are personalized photo tours and audio clips that describe the perfect date for paired lovers or an embarrassing childhood story. No tapping or sliding. Once you and your partner agree to chat, AIMM will call you and then decide whether to meet offline.

Kevin Teman, the creator of AIMM, says that when it talks to you, it also adds a joke from time to time. It can also understand your values through some subtle dialogues. For example, if someone talks about money often, AIMM can infer that money is important to them.

“I don’t have to develop artificial intelligence,” he added. “AIMM remembers your previous answers and the tone and problems you are familiar with.” For Tieman, how much can AIMM and other artificial intelligence learn? There is still no end for seeing the total potential of artificial intelligence. This sounds promising, but the AIMM promotional video is quite awkward.

“The dating industry has no incentive to create this perfect matching algorithm,” Meyer said. If artificial intelligence is done too well, potential daters will leave the platform and lose the opportunity to make money.

“The best way of dating services is to introduce people who might be good enough but not perfect. After two or three appointments, you realize that it doesn’t work, so you go back to the app.”

Husseini refuted this idea. He pointed out that if the dating application arranges a lot of appointments, but does not help to establish relationships, then this will damage the company's bottom line. After all, the promotion of apps is often driven by happy couples who sing hymns.