The top 5 rich dating sites reviews

Our reviews will help you to find the rich men dating website.Each one has the right to begin the new,wealthy,decent lifestytle.

#1 MillionaireMatch Visit Site

MillionaireMatch is the world's first and currently largest millionaire dating site. It was founded in 2001 and has a history of 18 years. Its members are distributed all over the world.There are a large number of registered members in major cities and regions in USA, EU, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China...And the total number of members has exceeded 4 million. Members include councillor, movie stars, athletes, private entrepreneurs, CEOs, beauty contestants, lawyers, doctors... MillionaireMatch offers 24/7 services, you can always contact online customer service or dating counselors by phone or email, and we will keep your personal information strictly confidential.The monthly membership fee is $70 on PC and mobile site, and $100.99 on the mobile app.Once MillionaireMatch was voted "Best of the Web" by Read more>>

#2 Luxy Visit Site

Luxy is a rich club where millions of millionaires can find another millionaire worthy of a date. Sixty percent of the members are confirmed to have annual incomes exceeding $200,000, and 40% are confirmed to have annual incomes exceeding $1 million. This website provides 24-hour service and the information of the members is absolutely confidential. The monthly membership is $99.99.Read more>>

#3 EliteSingles-Dating Visit Site

EliteSingles-Dating is found for the rich people and the people who want to be among the rich, where you can find the love and wealth as you want. In this era, online dating has become mainstream. The site is not only for millionaires, but also for those looking for the life of higher quality. It has a large number of members worldwide - including young and beautiful models, private entrepreneurs, athletes,lawyers,doctors,CEOs...Whether you want a romantic dating,a long-term serious relationship, or a luxury marriage, EliteSingles-Dating will be your best choice.Read more>>

#4 MilllionaireOnlineDating Visit Site

MillionaireOnlineDating is one of the best online dating sites of the moment, targeting wealthy heterosexuals. By 2018, it has more than 4 million members and is located in major cities and regions around the world. It can provide members with 7/24 services, and members can contact online customer service and dating consultants by phone or email. Whether you want a romantic date, a long and serious relationship, or a relationship that can enter the marriage hall, MillionaireOnlineDating will be happy to service you.Read more>>

#5 Date A Millionaire Visit Site

Date A Millionaire is designed for single men and women who want to date a millionaire. The site does not have a mobile app but has a mobile website. It has not changed its style since the site was built. Its members are divided into free members and paid members, the number is unknown. This is the last millionaire dating site we think of that is worth recommending to you.Read more>>

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